Jerry Walsh, code name Hazmat, is a science geek/devisor specialized in chemistry.[1] He made up a batch of H.I.T. (Hibernation Induction Trigger) for Aquerna to put the squirrels and chipmunks to sleep after her combat final,[2] and they hit it off pretty well.[3]

Jerry is about 5'9" and looks like a pretty typical teenage boy, and not at all like a tech nerd is supposed to look. He grew up in Panama City, on the Florida Panhandle.[3] He has three sisters, all older than him.[4]

He has a Gizmatic Dartlauncher™ 620 that he wore some of the time (armed with tranq darts), as well as a sleep gas delivery system (he takes the antidote every morning); safety through chemistry is his motto. He won his Fall 2006 combat final against Crunch with the sleepy gas. He heard Strongarm kvetching about the way they'd done in combat finals, and he's wearing them all the time now.[5]

Sometime in the 2006 Fall term, he had an idea for hair care products which seemed to work fine on the synthetics he tested on, but when he tried it on himself, it made his hair fall apart. He kept trying to fix the formula the rest of the term, but eventually learned his lesson and decided to let it grow back on its own.[6] Meanwhile, he got nicknamed "Baldy" and made fun of because of the cheap wigs he used to cover his head.[7] He even attempted to sell a version of his hair care formula in the Weapons Fair, without success.[8] However, that may pay off in the end: he's developing the formula as a depilatory, which Ayla expects will be worth millions.[4]

During the Shoulder Angel craze, he attempted to make his own with hypercolloids but they kept melting into goo.[9]

Hazmat was part of the team who improved Puppet's life-support equipment. He came up with a new plastic for the tubing that resists far better the corrosive properties of Puppet's blood.[10][11]



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