Suzanne Ware, code name Hexette, comes from a long line of witches.[1] She can cast spells, for example levitation, and takes classes in the Mystic Arts Program[2], but doesn't seem to have any magic related mutant powers. She also has a broom for flying she can use without requiring a specific spell, though she does have spells for enhancing it, and already has a flying permit.[3]

During the Fall term 2006 she attends the flight class with Tennyo, during this time she gives tips to Tennyo about how to deal with boys becoming her friend, later she's persuaded by the runaway anime character to attend the ballroom dance class meeting Techwolf in the process, who later becomes her boyfriend. Tennyo calls her 'Hex' for short.

Also Fall term 2006, Mrs. Bohn is forcing her to work on her levitation skills in Powers Lab by not letting her use her broom. While her levitation skills may or may not be improving, her command of invective is without question.[4]


She has long, wavy brown hair and a nose that draws attention. [2]



Fall 2006Edit


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