The house parents (often called house mothers, although the position is open to either gender) are in charge of the individual cottages at Whateley. They assign roommates and roommate changes, approve proposed changes to dorm rooms, fix things or call Maintenence to do so, keep discipline in the cottage, are someone to talk to about roommate problems or homesickness, allow or refuse guests, and in general act as the dorm parent. At least one is a baseline, and at least one is a mage. Several of the cottages have more than one house parent to spread the load around. After all, even dedicated people like the house parents at Whateley need a day off. And sleep, sleep is nice on occasion.

House parents go back to the very beginning of Whateley, when brave souls such as Mr. Harold Garrity and Mrs. Wilson , first house parents at Emerson and Dickinson, established the role so ably filled by so many men and women in the years following.[1]


Former House ParentsEdit


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