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Bobby Hastings, code name Iron Star, is member and expected future leader of the Cape Squad.


MID as of 2006-12:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name IRON STAR
Ratings Manifester-4
Techniques Manifestation takes form of metallic ‘power armor’ with:
  • Upper Limits: 6.3 tons
  • Carrying Strength: 4.8 tons
  • Casual Strength: 2.2 tons

Energy Projection: Electromagnetic Energy, damaging potential equal to roughly 5 sticks of TNT
Environmental Protection against most chemical, radiation and temperature hazards for up to 25 minutes
Extreme Durability

  • Rated ‘Bulletproof’ at RPG levels


  • Top Speed: 75 MPH
  • Cruising Speed: 43 MPH
Weak vs Electromagnetic energy, Vibrations, Magic
Backup / Team Affiliation Future Superheroes of America, The X-Press (training team)


Iron Star is the chivalrous heroic type and particularly prone to flashiness, as evidenced by his "I AM IRON STAR!" initiated transformation sequence, and the non-functional devisor-style power cables on his manifested "power armor" with the sole purpose of looking cool. He is at the center of the romantic attentions of his squad mates Mega-Girl, Magni-Girl and Lady Liberty. Spark defeated him in his Fall 2006 Combat Finals.[1] He engaged in verbal gay bashing against Saladin after he came out.[2]


He has an athletic build, a long, rectangular face with a strong jaw-line and greenish gold eyes. His hair has been described as "Brad Pitt blond" in a page boy cut and as dark.


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