Jade 2 - Away from Home is a story by Babs Yerunkle, originally released on 2004-08-27. It runs from 2006-08-31 to 2006-09-05. It is preceded by Jade 1 - Coming Out and followed by Jade 3 - Being a Girl.


5: The Dunwich FurorEdit

On her journey to Whateley, Jade has to deal with a mugger. She gets away and gets on the train, where she meets Juanita, another Whateley student, who is happy to talk to her, and introduces her to her friend Mary, codenamed Angel. Angel looks like an angel, but cannot touch any male without a bad reaction. However, she can touch Jade. On the way from the train station to the school, Jade meets Tennyo, and is encouraged to find someone whose appearance has changed.

6: Ushered into PoeEdit

After Beltane gives the changelings the tour, Jade asks Tennyo to be her roommate, and they switch rooms with Ayla. Jade heads off to find Juanita and Angel, but leaves Jinn in Tennyo's stuffed cabbit. Jinn then involves most of the floor in an attempt to catch her.

7: Kindred SpiritsEdit

When Jade gets back, the T-girls assemble in the sunroom for conversation and demonstrations of powers. The next day, Jade introduces Jinn to the group, then finds a blackmail note directed at Ayla.

8: Highs and LowsEdit

She sets up her class schedule with double classes, one set for her and one for Jinn, and gets a job working for Stan and Morrie in maintenance. At a party in Poe that evening, people try to kidnap Angel, but they are stopped by Jinn's different senses allowing her to find them. Jade realizes that Poe Cottage is becoming her home.


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