Jade 5 - Redefining Jade is the fifth Jade story by Babs Yerunkle, released on 2005-04-27. It runs from 2006-10-04 to 2006-10-09.


23: The calm beforeEdit

Jade has Jinn back, and starts the process of hiding her true powers by coming up with an alternate explanation for what is happening. She practices using her powers, and experiments with what she can do.

24: School and detentionEdit

Team Kimba starts the detention they got for the breakfast brawl, and Jade helps Jello, while Jinn works with Musk.

25: The pink weaponEdit

Jade gets the blackmail disk Jinn made of Tansy, but the rest of Team Kimba advises her to think it through before she goes through with what is, after all, a crime. Bunny gives her Kitty Compact.

26: Research and developmentsEdit

Jinn starts her habit of spending time with Sara during the night. Jade starts hormone treatments.

27: ForearmedEdit

Harry helps Jinn with her "skeleton" and improved tactics.

28: Frank and the Soul SuckerEdit

The next day in detention, Jade helps Frank. Later, she asks Zenith for more information about avatars, and Zenith calls in Mongoose.

29: EquippingEdit

The hormone treatment starts working. Jade gets more equipment from Harry and Bunny.

29: The Worst DayEdit

Note: Yes, there are two chapters 29. It was an editing mistake which never got fixed.

On Saturday, Jade wakes up to discover that the hormone effects have reverted. She gets hurt at work, then gets an extra dose of hormones after the previous one failed, takes care of Cardiac’s baby during detention, and then gets attacked by Bloodwolf and his friends on her way home. She nails Bloodwolf to a tree and burns ‘I attack little girls’ onto his chest.

30: SleepoverEdit

At Poe, she finds out Fey, Tennyo, and Phase were also attacked.

31: Strategy SessionEdit

The next day, Chaka sets up a meeting with the Wild Pack to try and figure out what to do about the attacks, but Stormwolf is very unhelpful, even after Jade tells about the Avatar stealing scheme.

32: Desperate MeasuresEdit

Jade asks Thuban for his protection. She then meets Tansy, and instead of asking for money for the disk, she sets things up so if Tansy hurts them, the disk will be sent to Tansy’s family and friends.


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