Eleanor Ruskin, codename Jello, is a Whateley student with an unusual BIT-problem, and has a low level Telepath knack of knocking people out, as said by Kew of the Spy Kids.[1]


Jello is a sort of "anti-exemplar". Her powers affect her body like an Exemplar, and give it some of the standard Exemplar benefits, such as enhanced strength (at Exemplar 3 level). However, her Body Image Template is perpetually in flux, so she has to concentrate to keep her shape, otherwise her form begins to have a "melted" appearance. She sleeps in a form-fitting tub of water, so her brain is not squished under her own weight. By concentrating, however, she can assume the appearance of other people for as long as her concentration lasts. She has also a tendency to assume the appearance of whoever is occupying her attention at the moment — the person she's talking to, or a TV host, for instance.

Kew said: "Then Jello is a Threat Level 4. Shifting, Exemplar-3 strength, her shifting gives her solid recovery from physical attacks, and she’s got a low-level Psi talent with a knack for being able to knock out an unprepared opponent."[1]

Curing AttemptsEdit

  • Dr. Bellows attempted hypnosis, but Jello proved to be too suggestible for hypnotic commands to be effective for more than very short periods. [2]
  • Dr. Traekham and Dr. Nobel tried hormone therapy since there have been cases where the exemplar mechanism was shocked into action that way, but it had no effect on her.[2]
  • She was the first person to try the BIT-slicer, and initially it appeared to work perfectly, the transferred BIT seeming stable, but after 20 minutes she began to "melt" like usual. [3]


Jello's best friend is Heartbreaker, who got her into the Masterminds. Heartbreaker is very protective of Jello, and even agreed to be the "donor" for her failed attempt with the BIT-slicer.


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