Jimmy T's name is Jimmy Trauger; as he says, “If you can be anyone, code names are pointless, as they won’t have any clue if its you or not."


MID as of 2006-12-14:[1]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name JT
Ratings Shifter 6, Esper 2, Psi Null
WARNING!  Omni-shifter
Deadly Force Pre-Authorized
Heavy Weapons pre-authorized
Techniques Claws, Teeth, size alteration, miscellaneous shifter effects.
Weak vs Unknown
Backup / Team Affiliation None listed.


Jimmy T is a shapeshifter whose ability is off the charts - the only thing he can't easily shift into is his own normal shape, which is a skinny 16 year old irish boy with red hair, green eyes, pale skin and freckles. He can shift between genders as easily as anything else, and takes the attitude that he is whatever gender his body happens to be at that moment. He is also a medium, as in he sees and talks to ghosts all the time, and he is a psychic null. Jimmy lives in Hawthorne room 202[2] because he can't control what he wakes up as, so it would be dangerous to have a roommate. He plays chess with Fubar often, since he is one of the few people whose minds Fubar can't read, and the ghosts who like chess give him advice on how to play. The ghosts tell him a lot of things, so much that he can't fairly take tests and has to write long papers instead, and he knows far more than he would like to about what happens on campus, although he generally keeps quiet about that.

Jimmy T is the most well-known of the "Bully Busters," the name given to the students who fight the campus bullies. He particularly protects the other Hawthorne students. He has been on the UltraViolent list since his freshman year, when G-Force tried to bully him and he turned into "a five-ton amoeboid blob," dissolved G-Force's clothes and some skin, and told Security he was "tasty" when they stepped in. Now Jimmy has to carry a tracer and wear a nametag that says “HI, my Name is Jimmy Trauger. No, you do not want to see me angry, no I am not going to eat you.”

Among Jimmy's friends are Razorback and Bloodwolf, and possibly Bluejay, and his significant other is Chimera. He often helps out Mrs. Cantrel and acts as Paige Donner 's guide when she comes to Whateley[2]. During the Halloween invasion, he very effectively defended Hawthorne, but his methods freaked out Security again.

The only story so far from his point of view is "The Devil's Dance," about the Halloween dance and invasion.



Fall 2006Edit


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