Journeyman (Dyffud Harraz) is a baseline who is a master of ki techniques and martial arts. He's introduced as one of Bladedancer's teachers in Five Elements Dancing. He's teaching Chou, and occasionally Chaka, Fey and Tennyo advanced martial arts techniques involving the integration of the five elements into Force Dynamics and ki manipulation.

When my power manifested it seemed to be shaped by my spiritual focus, so I kept following it. That’s been keeping me traveling, helping people, studying different arts and following the path my spirit set out for me.[1]
Nikki was surprised by how attractive the man was, even knowing that he was an Exemplar, and she blushed slightly. He opened his iridescent eyes and smiled back at the two of them.[2]
“How… how do you know so much about this?” asked Nikki, trying to figure out how any one could come up with something like this. Even the Queen was a bit impressed by this simple yet complex explanation of this issue.
Dyffud smirked and let a smile dance over his lips. “Let’s just say it is connected to my power.”[3]

He seems to be friendly with Ms. Hartford.[1] They were in the same class at Whateley. He was offered Alpha membership, but turned it down. He was the only member of their class to choose Philosophy and Religion as his college majors.[2]


MID as of 2007-01-18:[4]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings Baseline human, Five Grand Arts Founder, Ki Master, Multiple Black Belts or equivalent in 25 arts (see hard copy), Weapons Master (Melee and Firearms, see hard copy), Pilots rating (Fixed wing and rotary, hours see hard copy), EMT and Field Surgeon (see hard copy),
Techniques Power Shifting, Weapons of Opportunity, Ki Manipulation (self and others, see hard copy)
Weak vs Normal Human vulnerabilities, no powers of note
Backup / Team Affiliation None


Winter 2007Edit

Fourth Period


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