Killstench (no real name known) is one of Bloodwolf's Ultraviolents.[1][2]He is also near the top of the Ultraviolent list. He produces something like tear gas.

He has a single, because he can't prevent himself from leaking his gas in his sleep.[3][4] For similar reasons, they make him sit under the big vent fans in the cafeteria.[5]

He was involved in the attack upon Jade and Shroud, but proved no match for Kitty Compact![1][6]

He watched the Arena match between Outcast Corner and the Goobers.[7]

He took part in an attack upon Diamondback, which also proved ineffective. True, they planned on five to one odds, and actually had five to four odds. Including Razorback.[2]

In December 2006 he's Number Three on the Ultraviolent List.[8]

He has his good points. He carried Bladedancer's tray after her Combat Final with Nex.[9]

He may be an upperclassman.[10][5]

Killstench was involved in an attack upon Saladin after he came out.[11]


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