Jean-Paul Alivares, code name Knick-Knack, is one of the New Olympians. He's the avatar (or something) of Hephaestus/Vulcan, the god of the forge. See the New Olympians writeup for considerations that apply to all of them.

He's from someplace near the Pyrenees[1], his first name is French, his last name a variant on the Spanish Olivares, so he might be from the French side of the Pyrenees, which was under Hispanic rule at various times. But this is not sure.

He's regarded as the god of the Workshop. He walks with a limp, and he always has two female robots/golems/something walking by his side. He's doing the Bit-Splicer project for Thuban, and has had only one partial success: Jade.


He is six foot tall, weights 175 lbs, has light brown hair and brown eyes.


Every kid goes through the ‘take-it-apart’ phase, but Jean-Paul never left it. With the spirit of Haephestus/Vulcan, smith of the gods, bound to him, it was inevitable that he would follow his patron’s path. Making ‘impossible’ machines on a nearly daily basis, most of which are placed in tourist trinkets his jet-setting parents send him, Jean-Paul unfortunately suffers socially, not that he cares though. His most impressive creations (probably directly taken from Vulcan) are a pair of humanoid female shells animated by a mix of technology and powered by bound spirits. He often takes trips to the junkyard for piles of scrap metal, all of which he shaped telekinetically (Tk-1g) to suit his needs. A rare combination of Devisor (Dev-4) and Wizard (Wiz-2), his ‘spell casting’ abilities are, theoretically, on par with Majestic, but he has to focus them through his devises.

Trin and Macintyre rated Knick-Knack as the 23rd best bio-devisor world-wide as of October 2006.[2]


He has a table at the 2006 Whateley Weapons Fair.[1]

He relays Imperious and Majestic's displeasure to Make and Overclock.[3]

He is involved in the New Olympians' rumble with Bladedancer.[4]


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