They were very foolish villains


The Knights of the Eternal Presence was a group headed by "Sir" Michael Aureleus with links to the Syndicate, specifically Nimbus. The group was bent on creating a new world order (a.k.a world domination) and had an unhealthy obsession with all things pre-industrial (that is, pre-industrial Europe). They were misogynistic, and did not bargain in good faith. They were based at NORAD C, which was purchased from the US government after the end of Cold War and the resulting military downsizing. Unfortunately for them, they attempted to gain control of Tennyo by kidnapping her parents, and as of Christmas 2006, they no longer exist, and NORAD C is a locked-down radioactive zone.[1]


  • "Sir" Michael Aureleus - Leader of the group
  • "Sir" Hargath - A "Viking"
  • unnamed members in various "historical" costumes of dubious accuracy including
    • a Roman-style solid breastplate and armored skirt, armed with a long modern sword
    • a Spanish conquistador armor armed with a crossbow
    • others were using a variety of melee, missile, and energy weapons

Killbot was also present inside NORAD C.

Story AppearancesEdit

1. The Christmas Crisis


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