Kurt Anderson[1] is a Whateley teacher. He's the person Gunny Bardue goes to for vetting new teachers. After Erik Mahren's unfortunate accident, he might have taken over as advisor for the Parkour Hooligans, although he does not seem to be himself a practitioner.


Mr. Anderson seems to be a bit paranoid -- of course, that's a good trait for someone tasked to teach students how to survive in adverse situations. His Whateley residence is surrounded by security monitors and other unspecified defenses, and is swept for bugs every few minutes in a random timer. He won't open the door until evaluating the probability of the person outside being, in fact, who it appears to be and the visit being peaceful.[2] His home number is unlisted, and the students who know it also know that it's not a good idea to call it.[3]


Mr. Anderson seems to have a keen sense for evaluating probabilities. Whether this is a mutant talent related to probability warping, a lightning calculator talent or just savvy experience has not been disclosed. He is known to have seriously "bled" a number of gaming concerns in Nevada.

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