Lady Darke's name is Sandra K. Darden


"A curvaceous woman wearing a black bodysuit, swathed in a gauzy purple cloak that covered her form without obscuring her figure. A high, sharp, purple collar with an alternating black and white domino mask concealed her face from view."[1]

She is a graduate of Whateley Academy. She is one of the Children of the Night, working for the Necromancer. She is a PDP, with an ability to cast a psychic darkness over a wide area. She has a first degree murder as a reprecussion of a felony warrant out for her, and was captured at the second Boston Brawl.[2][3]

Held in Roxbury C, she was released[4] by the Necromancer and escaped with him when the situation turned unfavorable.[5]

Vamp likes her, and considers her a friend. Precisely what Sandra's sentiments are is unknown, but crossing the Necromancer isn't high on her list of things to do, which will color any future interactions now that the Necromancer wants Vamp dead.


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