Little Bee (Chelsea Horton)[1] is Patricia Horton's younger sister and a member of the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders.


She's much more sensible than her sister. Compiler doesn't rate her all that high as a gadgeteer, though. She's also in the Junior High Program.[2]


She is shorter and less well-built than her sister and wears her blonde hair in a pixie cut.


Little Bee is a Gadgeteer and Exemplar.[2] She's also a teleporter, able to transport at least four people at once; how far we don't know, but she has good control.[3]


She teleports her sister and two other cheerleaders into Sara's room, so they can abduct her. And then, clearly, all four out of the room. If she then teleports the lot and herself to the sacrificial altar we don't know.[3]

While serving their detention, she recommends that they leave things well enough alone.[4]

She was unwittingly seriously injured and put into hospital by Chaka as a result of Don Sebastiano's machinations.[2]

She's there when Phase critiques her sister's socio-economic paradigm, and looks like she might get what Phase was talking about.[5]

She has a talk with Tweak in the lab under Kane Hall.[1]


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