Möbius, named Bartholomew Clarence after his two grandfathers[1], is a devisor who specializes in making things that are larger inside than out. He has a line of utility belts that Phase markets for him.


He is pear-shaped and wears braces and very thick glasses.


He sells Ayla a utility belt; Ayla thinks he's undercharging, and raises the price. A lot. It's a good day![2]

He has a table at the 2006 Whateley Weapons Fair, and is pricing his items according to Ayla's calculations of the market. Ayla's good at math, it turns out.[3]

Hey! Ayla gives him a Christmas present![4]

He travels to Boston for a party.[1]


He's already met Harry Wolfe prior to Third Period on the first day of classes. We don't know if this is because they share a class First or Second Period, he says he's met him in 'workshop'. Fifth Period he's already meet Bugs, which would be sharing a class First, Second, or Fourth Periods. Unless they all tracked down the Workshops prior to actually starting classes.


Fall 2006Edit


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