The Magus is the code name of whoever currently holds the Magus Force. Like Champion, there have undoubtedly been several Maguses. The current Magus is female. She's usually located in the New York area.[1]

Suddenly, an eerie blue light appeared on the wall where the door usually formed. It began to form a curving line, which looped around at the bottom.
The blue light continued to run its looping course down the exterior door, forming the snakes of a caduceus, without the winged staff. When they were complete, the door exploded inward, A woman, holding a long metallic caduceus with a Thoth’s Eye within a pyramid capping the staff stepped in. She was of medium height, but great presence. She was wearing a long, dark, high collared greatcoat that opened in front to reveal a system of marked discs in the pattern of a sephiroth draped across her front. Her face was half covered by a silver mask with a golden lemniscate on the brow. The caduceus in her hand glowed with power, and none of the Grand Hall members needed the introduction that followed. “I AM THE MAGUS! Wielder of the Magus Force! Surrender now, or face my wrath!”[2]


Circe says that not even The Magus has been able to change someone's BIT using magic.[3]

Vamp mentions that The Magus is the only person the Necromancer seems to be scared of.[4]

The Green Witch mentions that The Magus is a lot higher on Lady Jettatura's nemesis list than she is.[5]

The Magus takes part in the assault on the New York Chapter of the Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom.[2]

She's mentioned by Phase to have reportedly said that demons and spirits are "two different things", when Phase was talking to Crimson Comet about vampires being demon or spirit possessed corpses.[6]