Manifestation Augmented Tissue Deformity, usually called MATD, is one of the problems mutants can have that usually gets lumped in with GSD, since the effects look similar.


When a Manifestor creates manifested matter at zero distance, and the matter is of the ‘carapace’ or ‘shell’ or ‘symbiont’ forms, and there’s no separation between the skin and the manifested matter, the body may become attuned to the manifested matter, and the matter actually changes the body toward the appearance and substance of the manifested matter.[1] This can be fatal, such as the student Steeljack, who died when the parts of him that had become metallic were rejected by the parts that stayed normal.[2] In other cases, it can cause an inhuman appearance, in which case people talking about it usually call it GSD, since it has the same effects, or simply an appearance different from the one the person started with, such as Beltane and Mega-Girl, who are using MATD to become female.[1]

Known people with MATDEdit

Well, maybe Britomart doesn't have MATD, but she's completely hairless because of her manifested carapace, it merges with her hair and pulls them out by the roots when they peel her carapace off, so maybe she does, it depends upon how you choose to look at it. If she wasn't a carapace manifestor she wouldn't have this problem, so there!