Born 1990 as Harvey Hastings Calloway[1], Mega-Death, or MD as he prefers to be called, is one of the most infamous Diedrick's Syndrome cases at Whateley Academy.

Harvey's codename, Mega-Death, was chosen while he was in the throes of a Diedrick's attack, explaining the over-the-top nature of it. He's rather embarrassed by it, but due to it already being associated with him and the presumed difficulties involved in changing it, he hasn't yet, deciding instead to keep it, and just ask people to call him by his real name, or MD.[2]


MID as of Fall 2006:Hive's Christmas Holiday - (Look what I got for Christmas!): Part 1

Mutant Identification Card
Code name Mega-Death
Ratings Dev(Gadgeteer)-2
Weak vs Others claim he suffers from Diedrick's
Backup / Team Affiliation Robo-Jox


Like all devisors, Mega-Death tends to wear mismatched clothing covered with the Whateley Academy Labcoat. He's rather tall and thin, with a long face and a large nose and chin, reminiscent of Jay Leno. His features, especially his cheekbones and eyes, also hint at a mixed Mexican-Indian ancestry somewhere in his family's history.[2]


Mega-Death is a Devisor, one of the most infamous at Whateley. His devises range from large scale autonomous robots down to single-use holdouts like Forcefield Disruptors. Alongside his Devisor rating, he also suffers from Diedrick's Syndrome, causing uncontrollable ranting and megalomaniacal tendancies at the drop of a hat.





  • Reed Calloway, the Corporate Attorney (Father)
  • Derek Calloway, Architect (Uncle)

Mega-Death is part of the evaluating board for the Order of the Worn Wrench advancement hearings in April 2007.[3]


Fall 2006Edit

Winter 2007Edit


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