Brian Chupp, code name Mr. Cool, appears to be a minor manifestor with out of control ice powers. He uses a power enhancing suit. He's a student at a New York university, and he sometimes hangs out at a bar which caters to the bottom of the supervillain crowd called Superbad, even though he's barely old enough to drink.

Then she went to see about Iron Mike’s victim. He was shaking his head, bringing himself back to full waking. He was cute enough, if you go for the gangly nerd type. He looked to be maybe just old enough to drink. His hair and eyebrows were white, but not white as Jadis’ was, but rather it was flaked with frost. His coat and other clothing was also coated in frost, making it white, whatever the cloth itself was.

He appears in Have Yourself an EVIL Little Christmas and is mentioned in passing in The Real MCO alongside with a female sidekick.