Mithril, also known as Moonsilver, Hermargent, Lunargent, True Silver or Maiden’s Silver, is the penultimate Alchemic metal. It has a market value of more than $3,000 per ounce and is usually produced in a long and involved alchemical process referred to as Moonsilver smelting.[1]

Mithril is attuned to mystical energies, especially spiritual ones, and acts as a focus for magical energies and spells. It is also a very sought after material for enchanted items and one of the raw materials for producing Orichalcum. Mithril hurts Lycanthropes and other creatures vulnerable to silver, and the effect is thought to be about 20 times greater than for normal silver.

It is apparently immune to having its density changed, and will not go into one of Möbius's utility belts.[2]

Mithril is usually rare and difficult to produce, but the Whateley student codenamed Silver constantly "sweats" it from her skin, shaping it into sizable objects with little effort.[1]


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