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Most people think of any super-powered humans as mutants. Nothing could be further from the truth! Many meta-humans gain their powers in other ways, such as direct bestowal from a god (or similar entity, such as a demon), chemicals, devises or whatever. In reading this, it's important to keep this in mind

Meta-gene complexEdit

What defines a mutant is the meta-gene complex, also called the (MGC). This is a collection of 18 changes scattered over a number of chromosomes. Most people who have the meta-gene complex (at the last survey this was about 1/6th of the population) aren't "mutants". That requires activating the complex. Nobody knows how that happens. The whole concept of a "mutant" is, therefore, rather fuzzy. It's solid enough for the mass media and politicians, but once you get beyond the rabble rousers it becomes less and less precise.

It should be noted that while there is no "mutant test", it is possible to genetically test to see if the meta-gene complex is active. While there are people with an active complex who don't have super powers, all mutants with measurable abilities have an active complex.[1]


Any mutant in America is required to carry a MID, and is under the jurisdiction of the Mutant Comission Office.

Whateley Academy is technically only for mutants, although there are a number of exceptions, including some of our protagonists.


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