The Mystic Six, and later the Mystic Corp, are a group of six (later five) vigilantes who were active in the first part of the 20th century. They've faded from sight as a group, but they're still active in various ways.[1]



Their story is given in Tennyo's first story, "Unexpected Consequences."

In 1877, Dr. Cory Fielding collected over a thousand children for experiments in a compound in upstate New York. He was trying to create an elixir of life, and created and tested Ultra-X-Amine on the children. On normal people, it left them more suggestible for a while. On mutants, it killed all of them but the six children who were under five years old and potential avatars. The sponsors of the project considered this a failure and sent people to kill everyone at the compound. Only the children escaped, through Lisa's teleportation abilities. They went to family members in San Francisco, and learned to use their powers. Around 1915, they formed one of the first superhero teams, called the Mystic Six. As a side effect of the drug, they didn't age normally, and stayed active for several decades.

“Oh? What about the Mystic Six?” Redford asked.
“Oh, the Mystic Six had been around for a while, but they’d been smart enough to both not show that they had strange, superhuman powers - hey, they had an Indian and a couple of Japs on the team; America back then was so openly racist that the government would’a sicked the Army on them! - they made a lot more ‘Doc Savage’ noises, and they didn’t run around in circus outfits![2]

Finally they took a case brought to them by Rev. Englund, dealing with a particularly nasty mythos cult. During the course of dealing with it, Cirque made a heroic sacrifice and died. The Mystic Six broke up, and Cirque's husband Totem went into seclusion for a while.

Known EnemiesEdit

  • Gasman, fought the Mystic Six in the first recorded superhero fight in 1919
  • Maelstrom, James Diedrick, captured by the Mystic Six on June 9, 1963, put in cryo-encapsulation in ARC
  • The Necromancer, Charles Upton Darrow, at the time operating under the handle of "Black Magus"

Mystic CorpEdit

After the Mystic Six faded from view, they formed the Mystic Corp. The Mystic Corp was one of the founding members of the Whateley Academy Trust, and Charlie Lodgeman serves on the Board of Trustees. Dr. Eric Tanaka sometimes works as a doctor for ARC, while Aimee Tanaka runs a dojo in their home in Colorado.


  1. The term used in their introduction in Unexpected Consequences is vigilante; they were recognized as a vigilante group.
  2. Razzle Dazzle: Part 1

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