The Gods of Olympus under the command of Imperious/Zeus/Jupiter and Majestic/Hera/Juno. Their primary goal is to return to godhood and claim dominion over the civilized world. Normal humans are toys or ants to them, personal power is all they respect. As such, the superhumans of the world are pretty much the only reason they haven’t already taken over a small country or two. They are biding their time, studying the way this new world works, and for weaknesses they may exploit later. They’ve waited several thousand years, a few more decades won’t matter, they have all the time in the world....

The New Olympians are avatars (?) of the heavy hitters among the ancient Greek/Roman Gods. They managed to escape from their confinement on Mt. Olympus (leaving the rest of the lesser gods behind) and discovered that they had too few worshipers left to supply them with the torrents of mana they had been used to. So they took over a group of small children (many in their first year of life) and are now at Whateley Academy.

The core group fully intends to start taking over the world and restore their place in it when they graduate.

The origin story, Wild Times, has never been officially published.

There is a reference that there should be two more: Poseidon and Dionysus.[1][2]

Core membersEdit

Class of 2008Edit

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2010Edit

The exilesEdit

This band of rebels has come to enjoy being ‘human’ and don’t follow Jupiter’s agenda, but make no mistake, they’re after the same thing, energy from humans. They just don’t want to set themselves up as major gods again. They are happy living ‘lives’ in a symbiotic relationship to extraordinary humans, or otherwise decided to ‘retire’ from the divine scene without losing their sense of self.

Class of 2008Edit

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2010Edit

The missingEdit

Two of the gods are known to have taken part in the escape but haven't been located yet:


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