Nicholas Reilly is Nikki Reilly's father. He's the Deputy Directory for DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency). He and Lucinda, Nikki's mother, are divorced, but with Nikki's emergence as a mutant they're starting to spend more time together when Nikki can have contact with them; Nikki wants them back together, and had high hopes for Christmas 2006, but Nicholas had to stay for work.

The man standing at the door was slightly over six feet tall, trim in a muscular way, with a shock of thick blond hair and penetrating blue eyes. He smiled when Toni opened the door and answered in a rich, tenor. “Hello, I’m looking for Nick, er Nichole Reilly. Is she here?”[1]
He was about six foot three inches tall. His face looked like it belonged on a lumber jack. His body gave the same impression. He was strong, but not ‘working out in the gym’ strong. His suit helped to hide the easy movement of someone trained in combat as he moved back around the desk.[2]


Mr. Reilly visits his daughter on campus.[1]

He, and the rest of the family, visit on Parent's Day.[3]

Samantha Everhart talks to him at Hanford before coming to Whateley.[2]

He's mentioned in other stories.[4][5][6]


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