Nightbane (Sarah Gardner) is the leader of the Goobers' Core Elite, Rev. Englund's squad of monster hunters in training.[1] Calling her a Buffy wanna-be does her an injustice, although her habit of calling her favorite stake "Mr. Pointy" is just asking for it. She's tried to assassinate Sara Waite several times.[2] As of shortly before the Halloween invasion she has an Orichalcum blade[3], which she is still using in mid-January 2007.[4]

She's trying to get Chou Lee to join the Goobers in hopes that Chou will have better success, and is totally unaware that Chou is joining to keep an eye on her.[5]

By mid January 2007, she's aware that there's something strange going on and is champing at the bit to have at it, however she's reluctantly obeying Rev. Englund's instructions to keep out of whatever it is.[6]


Winter 2007Edit


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