Nightgaunt (Eddie McKinnon)[1] is a member of the Children of the Night, working for the Necromancer. He's a cheap shot artist extraordinare. He carries lots of weapons and wears "a helmet that was featureless except for two devilish looking horns, a Batman-style cape and some obvious body armor,"[2] and he doesn't take the helmet off much, so much so that Vamp has never seen his face. He can travel through shadows instantly, and hide in them, a power taken with the costume from the previous Nightgaunt, a hero who this one killed. During the Boston Brawls, he shot Lancer point-blank,[3] and later stuck a bomb to him, after which Bladedancer chased him through the shadows, though he escaped.[2]

He killed Phelps Carruthers at the Necromancer's orders so Lady Darke could frame Vamp for the deed.[2]

According to Diane Castle in a Forum message lost in the crash, Nightgaunt's "powers" come from a pair of power gems on his belt. We see them in Ayla and the Birthday Brawl: Chapter 12 - The Legend of Talus, or of Fortitude where Vamp is badgering him.[4]

At the end of Ayla and the Birthday Brawl he is in police custody, and Vamp has absconded with his power gems.[5]