Nimbus (real identity currently unknown) is a male bio-devisor supervillain working for The Syndicate, and a member of the Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom.[1]

General Manning describes him as "one of the new up and comers".[2] While being known as far back as Feral's manifestation,[3] he first comes to prominence through offering to help the Chessmaster with his planned Halloween invasion of Whateley by providing some "toys" that he'd tested out on baselines but would like to test out on mutants.[4] He also claimed he'd trained some forces for whom mutant powers wouldn't be a problem.[5]

Meanwhile he was employing Drs. Frank Zappata and Frank Lenston to test a power booster drug - this was combined with an insulin pump and surgically implanted in Merry.[6] The same drug was released in slightly different format through other channels, finding its way to Whateley; this is what Hekate obtained to dose G-Force with.[7]

Over Christmas 2006, he was also involved with Michael Aureleus and his Knights of the Eternal Presence in the capture of Tennyo,[2] and a group of people he was employing in an unidentified dark project accidentally released part of a Tier 3 demon.[8]

Nimbus has an undisclosed master plan involving a technomantic transformative drug to turn non-mutants into mutants - at the cost of an exorbitant necromantic sacrifice. However, the plan is on a deadline.  As of Sunday, March 11, 2007 he had not much more than a year to implement the next two steps. His target for the next, and third, attempt is apparently David Goodkind, which suggests that he may have been responsible for turning Melissa Goodkind, and Trevor Goodkind into mutants. His first attempt was barely a success, as the only way it succeeded was successful mutation and that the test subject was still alive, while the second attempt achieved four of his seven goals.[9] This plan might be linked to a magical ritual he completed on April 8, 2007, which involved the sacrifice of all the passengers of a yacht.[1]

On May 1, 2007 Solange overheard The Don confronting Hekate's Master in the Tunnels. He claimed that he knew that Hekate's Master was known by The Syndicate as Nimbus. Hekate's Master neither confirmed or denied this.[10]


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