Dr. Igor Gellmar, code name Nucleic[1], is a world-famous biodeviser and lead scientist of Bio-Regenetics.[2]

Dr. Gellmar graduated Whateley in 1983 and has a Medicinae Doctor degree as well as two Ph.D.'s. He is best known for developing Sneezix, a formula that eliminates all major symptoms of nasopharyngitis, and his invention of the PRKL gene-sequencing system and has 27 major bio-patents in total.[1] He recently worked on regenerator milk, but dropped that line of research in favor of the development of marketable induced regeneration at Bio-Regenetics.[2] Despite his impressive vita he has not received a Nobel Prize yet, a fact commonly attributed to him being a mutant[1], and intends to change this by achieving results too impressive to ignore.[2]

Nucleic is an exemplar-1 devisor-3 and gadgeteer-3.[2]


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