Outcast Corner is a four person training team, as well as being the name of a clique of 'outcasts' that includes those four and their other friends. Too freakish for the norms, not into self-pity, they're the outcasts in the corner: a fashion disaster, a dinosaur, a Naga, and a living golem.[1]

As a training team, they have an impressive record; while they don't always win, the Outcasts are incredibly tenacious, always making their opponents work hard for victory. This tenacity has earned them a permanent spot on the Las Vegas "mutant deathmatch" betting boards, and their popularity in the deathmatch broadcasts is the reason for their grueling sim schedule.[2] The Outcasts' stubbornness and grit also led to them being selected to participate in the "Crash" at the Fall 2006 Combat Finals.[3]

The current leader of the Outcasts is Jericho, though he believes Eldritch will take over the Combat Team soon[4].

Training Team membersEdit


In addition to the training team, the core members of Outcast Corner have their own rock band, which plays covers from bands such as Nickelback[1], Within Temptation[6], and Metallica[6]. Their roles are:

  • Lead guitar: Razorback
  • Bass: Jericho
  • Drums: Eldritch
  • Vocals: Diamondback, if the others can coerce her into it, otherwise Jericho sings.



Winter 2007Edit


In-universe chronological order:[8]

  1. Parkour Jam Hooligans
  2. Insanity Prerequisite, Part 4
  3. So I'm a Freak. Sue Me.
  4. Child of Confusion
  5. Yet Another Day as an Outcast
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  7. Upheaval: Walking Alone
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  10. Ill Winds: Part I
  11. Call the Thunder Chapter 2 - Wake-up Call
  12. Ill Winds: Part II
  13. Call the Thunder Chapter 3 - All's Fair in Fun and Chaos
  14. Ill Winds: Part III
  15. Call the Thunder Chapter 4 - The Beatings will Continue Until Morale Improves
  16. Ill Winds: Part IV
  17. Call the Thunder Chapter 5 - Idiots 'R Us
  18. Ill Winds: Part V
  19. Call the Thunder Chapter 6 - There is no homework, only Zuul!
  20. Ill Winds: Part VI
  21. Call the Thunder Chapter 7 - Screw this melancholy crap!
  22. Ashes and Steel
  23. The Book of Darwin, Chapter 1 (Recovery and Redemption)
  24. The Book of Darwin, Chapter 2 (Death of a Year)
  25. Small Mercies (happens partly during Book of Darwin)
  26. Murphy's Laws Of Whateley (Peripheral, but Important)
  27. There's Something About Billie: Chapter 1
  28. There's Something About Billie: Chapter 2
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  31. Siblings and Savages: Part 2
  32. Siblings and Savages: Part 3
  33. The Gates of the Garden
  34. The Garden of Good and Evil (In Progress)
  35. The Death of Khloe Aldridge (In Progress)
  36. The Eldest Children of Atlantis (In Progress)