Jerome K. Gurewich, Jr., code name Overclock, is a gadgeteer specializing in computer hardware. He and his buddy, Make, have a secret lair loaded with computer gear stolen from Whateley supplies. He's fat, pimply, eats horribly and has social skills that would make a rock blush, including suffering from AWS.

Across the table, a chubby blonde nerd looked up at me. He had grumpy eyes behind round glasses thick enough to be bulletproof, and enough acne for James Arnold Ross to start another oilfield.[1]

Someone unknown, working through several of the Alphas, including Farrago and Aries, set them up to attack Team Kimba in the sims. He's the one who came up with the idea of bringing Stygian into the sim, with the intent of driving Tennyo insane, and no concern for incidental casualties. When last seen, he's begging the MCO to not send him back to Whateley.[2]

However, in early March it became known that Overclock and Make had escaped custody.[3]


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