Overload (Renshaw Millard Egerton), also called "Stimpy" or "Glitch", has the power of causing electronic devices to short out or otherwise destroy themselves.[1] He's a member of the Golden Kids.[2] He's usually drunk, which doesn't help either his control or his grades; he considers that nothing is his fault and that the world is out to get him.[2] Considering his attitude, if it wasn't, it probably will be.

His class is a bit muddled. He ought to be a sophomore as of September 2006, but he flunked his finals and apparently is still a freshman.[1]

He attended Chilton prior to manifesting, and knew Ayla back when he was Trevor, making him a member of a select group.[2]

His roommate all though 2005/2006 was Runestrong, who was elated to be rid of him.[1]

His first roommate in 2006/2007 was Reach, who considered losing him as a roommate an extra plus.[1] Tee-Kay, whom they placed with Glitch in his stead, achieved respect for Reach based upon how long he'd put up with Glitch.[1]


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