Irene Durcell, code name Palantir, is a member of the Three Little Witches, a group of middle school students who get into a great deal of mischief. She can manifest a ball that she can use for scrying, getting information and other things. It can grow to where she can ride it. It appears to have the ability to translate tomes of arcane lore written in unknown (at least to her) languages.[1]

She's "the next youngest of five children, and she learned to fight for her fair share."[1] She is described as having 'flyaway' red hair.

By Halloween 2006, she's fourteen years old but still a middle school student.[2]

She, along with the rest of the Three Little Witches helped Mrs. Carson fight off Deathlist. She "wrapped one of her magic balls around Deathlist’s hand, capturing the flame inside of it, and Abra threw all of her spell slips at him. The plasma within the ball reached critical temperature and exploded, destroying his hand and the plasma projector."[3][2]

By 2007-03-06, "Foxfire is warning all the mages about" her.[4]

She's at least a Wiz-2, as the only students that are lower than that in her Spring 2007 Intro to Magical Arts are Solange and Phase. The former who is her and the other Three Little Witches' minder for the term and the latter of which being her partner for the class.[4]

While she isn't as patient as Abracadabra, she can be quite clever in her own right, and even managed to out-maneuver Kodiak by getting him to agree to make her and the other two Little Witches, Alphas the next year, binding him to a Sorcerer's Contract without him even realizing it.[5]

“I like cheerleaders,” interjected Irene [...] “My mom was a cheerleader and she’s really…” The blonde traded looks with her two friends. “Well, I don’t like our cheerleaders…” [6]



  • Palantir: Manifested ball that she can use for scrying, getting information and other things. They "don’t work [to see] inside Poe [Cottage]".[6]


Fall 2006Edit

Spring 2007Edit


  • Unknown Roommate[1]
  • Mother ("was a cheerleader".)[6]


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