Paranormal Law is a class offered at Whateley Academy. Normally taught by Mr. Layton.[1]

Paranormal Law is just what it sounds like. It deals exclusively with laws in the use of Paranormal abilities, penalties for breaking them and the history of such. Think of this as the written portion of the driver's license test. That covers rules of the road, what the traffic signs mean, etc.[2]
E.E. Nalley info March 30, 2010

This class is part of a group of classes required to obtain a Federal Concealed Carry Permit. The classes are:

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Pre-Spring 1995Edit

Instructor: Mr. Layton


Instructor: Mr. Layton

Winter 2007Edit

Shuster Hall, Room 108
Fourth Period
Instructor: Det. Janice Talbert[1]

Story AppearancesEdit


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