Peeper (John Martin[1][2]) was introduced in A Simple Game. He's a persistent background nuisance because of his extreme sexual harassment, primarily justified as 'journalism', as he has a program on W.A.R.S. (the Whateley Academy Radio Station.)[3] which also serves as his platform for his egotism.

Why the Administration hasn't cracked down on him is an ongoing puzzle.

He rooms with Greasy in Twain Cottage, and has been known to work at least part-time at the campus store.[4]


Peeper has some form of psychic "x-ray vision" that allows him to see through clothing, and an undetermined number of other objects, but not very deep. He's unable to see through walls if they are at least as solid as sheetrock.[4] He wears masking glasses since his eyes are a penetrating blue, possibly Cerenkov blue.

To his private despair, this renders him unable to use conventional computer screens, though someone (presumably Ayla) developed a work-around later in the school year.


MID as of 2006-12-14:[5]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name PEEPER
Ratings ESP – 2
Techniques Suave chat, Manly eye contact, Awesome interview skills
Weak vs Really ugly bow-wows
Backup / Team Affiliation WARS

Story AppearancesEdit

He's a constant background character in a lot of stories.

He burst on the scene in A Simple Game.[3]

There are lots of appearances between these two.

His Fall 2006 combat final is against Miasma. He cheats, badly. If they could give him a lower grade than 'F', they would have.[5]

Fey and Phase make a surgical strike against him, with Beltane and possibly Thorn as backup.[6]


Fall 2006Edit

Winter 2007Edit


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