Petra 1: Rock and a Hard Place, by Renae, is the first story featuring Petra Donner after she was "split" from Merry. The action takes place in Italy, over the period from November 26 to December 16, 2006, with an epilogue taking part in Brazil on December 17. In this story, Petra arrives in the Vatican but finds weird things happening, hooks up with a coven of witches who ally themselves with a militant Order of the Catholic Church to fight ancient evils that are surfacing.

The story was posted in eleven parts:

Part 1Edit

Story Released on 2008-08-17. Takes place on 2006-11-26.

Part 2Edit

Story Released on 2008-08-24. Takes place on 2006-11-26 through 2006-11-27.

Part 3Edit

Story Released on 2008-08-27. Takes place on 2006-11-27.

Part 4Edit

Story Released on 2008-08-31. Takes place on 2006-11-27.

Part 5Edit

Story Released on 2008-09-03. Takes place on 2006-11-27 through 2006-11-30.

Part 6Edit

Story Released on 2008-09-07. Takes place on 2006-11-30 through 2006-12-01.

Part 7Edit

Story Released on 2008-09-14. Takes place on 2006-12-01 through 2006-12-02.

Part 8Edit

Story Released on 2008-09-28. Takes place on 2006-12-02 through 2006-12-09.

Part 9Edit

Story Released on 2008-10-02. Takes place on 2006-12-10 through 2006-12-12.

Part 10Edit

Story Released on 2008-10-05. Takes place on 2006-12-12 through 2006-12-13.

Part 11Edit

Story Released on 2008-10-19. Takes place on 2006-12-13 through 2006-12-17.

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