Rachel Watkins aka Robo-Thug, according to Evan Ramsey:

Rae's one of those large angry black girls. And I do mean LARGE. She was in a weight class with Eddie Ramos and Big Mac. She got mistaken for a boy. A LOT. Very thuggy. Hung with Zac Montgomery and Krazy K. Had a few run-ins with her, but nothing major. I got no beef with the Rae-gun. Or, at least, I HOPE that I got no beef with her. She can be scary mean. Godzilla in Mo Def mean.

Rachel appears to be a religious person, seeking refuge in prayer in stressful situations.


On March 7, 2007, Rachel and eleven other students were removed from school under false pretenses and subjected to an experiment intended to create Dynamorphs—in the process turning the kids into Dyna-Hosts and changing the genders of a few of them, including, in a way, Rachel. Before there was a chance to extract the dynamorphs from the test subjects, however, they managed to escape.[1]


During a broadcast, HeroWatch reporter Brett Cummings informally nicknamed Rachel "RoboThug" as an ad-hoc codename,[2] and Madam Vicious made a slightly changed version of it sort of official when Rae and the other Cannons were shanghaied into her Mutant Deathmatches.[3]


In her normal form, Rachel is a very large black girl.

In his/her metallic form, Rae looks like a statue made of segmented black metal, with glowing lights where her eyes should be -- a male statue with a stocky muscular "front lineman" physique.


Rachel has superstrength even in her female human form. When she exerts herself, she turns into an even stronger and more resilient metallic, male form. She can revert to human female form after a while.

IN her metallic form, she can reconfigure parts of her body into mechanisms, such as turning her forearm and hand into an energy blaster.[4]


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