Rebecca "Becca" Stone is Bladedancer's mentor.[1]

Back storyEdit

“Alright. Like I said, my name is Becca and I was born in Joplin, Missouri in 1838. When I was 24, after having trained as a nurse, I went to China to be a missionary. After a few years there, trying to see what local cures worked and doing surgeries and the like, I was made a doctor. Shortly after that an old man, who seemed really lively came in and said he needed to show me something. I went with him and he explained that he had heard of my skill at healing and felt that I might be open to an idea he had. He wanted me to train in oriental medicine, to compliment the western medicine I had learned. What I didn’t know was that he was teaching me the Taoist path as well. After a number of years, I noticed that I was feeling much better and I didn’t look like I had aged any. I asked my teacher and he said that all of this and more were by products of the training and nothing to really be concerned with. Problem was the nuns I was working with had begun to talk, thinking I was in league with the devil due to my unchanging age and that I managed to heal almost anyone who came to me. So I left the hospital.
“I kept training with my teacher and deepening my practice and understanding of the Tao. I learned a great number of things such as cloud riding, fighting and how to be invulnerable. I had a lot of fun. However, things in China were changing. There was a lot of discontent with the way Westerners were acting and the Dowager Empress was trying to find a way to free China of them. This led to the Boxer Rebellion, where a large number of martial artists tried to destroy the westerner compound in Beijing. It was a siege that lasted 55 days. During that time, I was watching over the nuns and other missionaries that worked at the hospital. There were thankfully only a few incidents and I was able, with the aid of my master, to keep them from harm. The whole situation sickened me so much that I went to the mountain, Han Shan and lived as a hermit. There I meditated, practiced, read the poetry from the cliff walls and deepened my connection to the Tao. After the chaos and disturbances of the 1940’s that really made things worse, I felt it was necessary to leave China and return home.
“It was so different. I actually kind of liked it, but most people were treating me like I really didn’t know anything, especially in medicine. After a very short while of dealing with jerks of all kinds, I returned to the mountain in 1953. I found a nice spot in the Rockies and called it home. I lived happily and even carved a few poems into the rock just for fun. I found a nice dry cave all year long and the bear I shared it with doesn’t snore much. I was visited by two of the Immortals who told me all about you and asked to come here to help you in your training. So I grabbed my bag and headed here. That’s my story.”[1]


She is introduced to Chou, and spars with Toni. She then presents Chou with the Robe of Midnight, and more scrolls of Taoist knowledge. And runs her through her paces.[1]


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