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Maggie Finson wrote this article as part of Questions and Answers: Power Categories

These are similar abilities. Regeneration is limited to the mutants themselves, and is usually an unconscious action. Healing is the ability to cause others to heal or regenerate, and is usually under conscious control. Most healers are able to apply that ability to themselves. Note that some healers and regenerators are limited to affecting either wounds or infection/disease only.

Level 1 Close (clot) and sterilize wounds, disinfect, promote healing at double or triple speed. Ease fevers, hasten (x2 or x3 speed) recovery from illness.
Level 2 As above. Healing at the top speed of the healthiest normal human ever seen. Near-miraculous, without quite edging into unbelievable.
Level 3 True (slow) regeneration. Cuts close almost instantly, no trace in minutes. Major wounds stop bleeding, scab over very quickly. Limb regeneration in days (taking a few weeks for a major limb). Almost never sick. No allergies.
Level 4 Cuts close in seconds. Knife wounds (and low-caliber bullet wounds) are gone in minutes. Limb regeneration in a day. Aging may be halted.
Level 5 Faster than level 4. Knife wounds take 10-30 seconds to heal. There is modest protection even from critical wounds such as brain and heart injuries, although these may take longer and/or leave side effects (such as memory gaps).
Level 6 Knife and bullet wounds heal in seconds. Brain and heart wounds are almost never critical, though they may slow the healer down. Almost anything can be cured short of actual death itself (and even that may not be final until advanced decomposition has set in).
Level 7+ Harming such a being would be like trying to shoot or cut the ocean. An instant later, it has flowed back into place, and no damage remains.

High level healers will usually require huge amounts of energy to achieve the higher levels of healing. Healing at a lower level is much less draining. Regenerator blood above about level 3 is considered a biohazard. Regenerator milk can have healing properties for those who ingest it, but as its use as a treatment is still experimental and it sometimes has unusual side effects (e.g., the effect of Jade's milk on Phesclangorenthal[1] ), it's considered a biohazard as well.[2]

High-level regenerators are typically only affected by a drug the first time they ingest it, and for a shorter time than a non-regenerator. Some devisor drugs however work better for regenerators than normal drugs,[3].

Note: Exemplars (the physical package at least) usually have a regenerator rating two steps below their exemplar rating. Usually is not anywhere close to always, however.

Blood TransfusionsEdit

High level regenerator blood transfers can result in regen cloning, regen cancer, and/or brain damage as the blood attempts to rewrite the receivers body.[4]

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