Mutant abilities are public, well known, openly demonstrated in many cases, and scientifically documented (although research is really only beginning). However, there remain three camps of thought on the important subject of magic and its relationship to Psychic Abilities:

  1. There is no magic, only psi. Generator and a few other mutants have demonstrated an interesting twist labeled the autonomous telekinetic construct: self-contained, self-directed TK fields. It has been pointed out that if such constructs could be extended to indefinite duration, they could explain virtually all of the Class 2 Entities (the so-called “spirits and magic creatures”). And while PSI phenomena are now becoming accepted within the scientific community, we are at the earliest stages of research. It is obvious that emotions, preconceptions, and subconscious effects will effect psi phenomena. Variations and combinations of known psi effects (including esper senses, telekinesis, telepathy, shapeshifting, and warper skills) could explain virtually all magic. Using Occam’s Razor, it seems unwise to speculate on an entirely new mechanism, where an existing mechanism serves perfectly well. Ergo, there is no “magic”, merely PSI phenomena that needs additional research.
  2. There is only magic, not psi. We have known about magical energies since before we left the caves. Ley lines, places of power, benevolent spirits, ancient magical races, extinct creatures both wise and fell, spells and curses – these are part of the world. There is plenty of evidence that magic existed before man arrived, and in areas that humans never explored. It never needed men and their psi; magic is part of nature. And there have always been creatures (elves, dragons, etc.) who were more of magic than of coarse material reality. That humans now seem to be gaining abilities over the most simplistic of spells speaks well for the advancement of humankind. But these instinctive spells that humans call “psi” are nothing compared to the great works of magic.
  3. There are both. Like electricity and magnetism, there are two distinctly different forces, that are related in ways that we don’t yet understand. It is known that many wizards can see psychic effects, and many psi’s can see magical energies. There are interactions. But the rules continue to elude us. The field has not been helped by the fact that many of the greatest proponents of psi-eldrich unification have turned out to crackpot devisors. Although many of those lunatics have created devices of astonishing ability, they have clearly done so through something more akin to blind luck. None of the devices was ever replicated (or even made to operate) under controlled conditions, and the theories, under examination, have proven to be wildly self-contradictory.

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