Renae Greist, code name Reverb, is a probability warper and powers mimic with the ability to amplify other people's use of their powers. She also has voice mimic abilities, including the ability to say something at the exact time someone else says it, giving an odd reverb effect. She's a member of the Lit Chix.

The younger freshman’s oval face was lit up in obvious gratitude, an unruly mop of dark auburn hair with faint highlights of ebony framing it. Reverb would never be a good poker player as her emotions generally marched across her face, but then guile was definitely not her strong suit.[1]


Winter 2007Edit


She's with the Lit Chix when they set up their glue prank for after the Halloween dance.[3]

She, and some friends, tangle with a group of Tiger Guards during the Halloween dance.[4]

She's with the rest of the Lit Chix when they unravel Don Sebastino's plot to get Chaka expelled.[5]

Reverb is with the Lit Chix during the battle between them, the Spy Kids, the Three Little Witches, Bladedancer, Gateway and Rythax.[6]

Reverb is with Loophole, Lifeline and Fractious during their Christmas vacation and the battle at the Atlanta airport, where she mimicked Loophole's strength.[1]

She is possessed by The Secret.[7][2]

Reverb is mentioned in several other stories.[8][9][10][11][12]


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