Rights and Responsibilities of Good Samaritan Law Enforcement is a class offered during the Winter Term at Whateley Academy.[1]

Rights and Responsibilities of Good Samaritan Law Enforcement is a practical class. There is some additional book learning, but for the most part the students are engaged in active 'shoot/don't shoot' situations in simulation. The mugging while out walking, coming across a crime in progress, the robbery of a store you're shopping in, etc. To continue the driver's license analogy, this is the road test. You have to prove you understand when you can intervene, when you should or shouldn't intervene, and how much intervention you can get away with before you start committing crimes yourself.[2]
E.E. Nalley info March 30, 2010

This class is part of a group of classes required to obtain a Federal Concealed Carry Permit. The classes are:

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Winter 2007Edit

Fifth Period

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