Roxanne Lockhart aka Shoxx is one of the Loose Cannons, a group of teenagers who found themselves on the run after being kidnapped and experimented upon by a mysterious group.

According to Evan Ramsey,

One of the local dopers. Nods off in class every so often. Can't really blame her. When she's straight, she's sharp as a whip. WAY too smart for this school.


Roxy is the daughter of Dr. Arthur Lockhart, a research chemist with connections at CalTech, MIT, Dow Chemical, Union Carbide, Goodkind Pharmaceuticals and other bleeding edge research, and Dana Towers-Lockhart, a noted statistical analyst. Her parents constantly pushed her to exceed in school, aiming for her to go to Yale (Stanford and Berkeley not being acceptable alternatives) and unfavorably comparing her to her siblings Tristan and Gwen. They succeeded inasmuch that Roxy was one of the best students in her school... when she wasn't stoned.[1]

On March 7, 2007, Roxanne and eleven other students were removed from school under false pretenses and subjected to an experiment intended to create Dynamorphs—in the process turning the kids into Dyna-Hosts and changing the genders of a few of them. Before there was a chance to extract the dynamorphs from the test subjects, however, they managed to escape.[2]


Roxie received her (his?) codename from Madam Vicious when Roxie and the other Cannons were shanghaied into her Mutant Deathmatches.[3]


Before her changes, Roxie had been somewhat overweight, with a fat face and lanky brown hair. Afterwards, though, she became a very cute blonde girl.

As a male, Rox is a pretty young man in an anime bishonen way, with delicate features, large hazel eyes, bushy blond hair and a slender swimmer's build.


Roxanne gained electrokinesis, but she can't completely control it: she has to keep away from electronic devices in order to avoid damaging them -- a considerable annoyance, since she is the most computer-literate of the Loose Cannons, and a Good and Evil Online addict. She can also fly, possibly leveraging some sort of electromagnetic effect.

When she pushes her power, she transforms into a male form, reverting to female only after a considerable time has passed.



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