Loretta Selk, code name Sabbath, is a supervillain who's been imbued by a dark power. She has a power blast and can teleport. She hangs around Superbad when she isn't working.

Lorette Selk sat at the bar, all too aware that her outfit made her look like a hooker trying to work the bar. But she had the look for the ‘seductive villainess’ bit and needed to dress the part. Her handle was ‘Sabbath’, and she was an up-and-coming supervillainess. She’d wanted to call herself ‘Miss Sinister’, but Marvel had beaten her to the punch. And Marvel’s ‘Miss Sinister’ resembled Loretta so closely (well, except for the red diamond on the forehead), that she knew that she didn’t have the ‘Distinctive Likeness’ edge going for her. She’d mauled the artist who created it, but there was no way that she could stop Marvel from making her life a living hell. Like her civilian-job boss didn’t already do that to her. So, she called herself ‘Sabbath’.[1]
Dammit, she was a supervillainess! She had been imbued with dark power by an otherworldly patron! WHY was she still crunching numbers for a financial analyst?[1]


Her only appearance to date is with the Bad Seeds adventure during their layover in New York on their way to Karedonia.[2]