The standard Whateley student uniform is black, with white trim.


The girls' tops is a white blouse, slightly ruffled with a collar and long sleeves, worn with a school tie that varies slightly for each cottage. A black blazer with the Whateley crest on the left breast is worn over that. A subtle pin or brooch may be used to indicate club affiliation.[1]

There are both uniform skirts and pants. The skirts are pleated (of course), and just knee-length, worn with white knee socks. Pants are black, but its use is discouraged on warm months. During winter girls are allowed to wear pants full time.[2]

Standard shoes are nicely shined black Mary Janes, although plenty of other dark shoes (including sneakers, often enough) are tolerated. Wearing alternate footwear is not technically “in uniform” but ignored except for formal occasions.

A black beret is optional.


Black shoes, black socks, black pants, thin black belt. White, long-sleeved shirt with collar. Tie is the same as used by the girls. Club affiliation is indicated by cuff-link or tie-tack. Black blazer jacket.


Seniors are allowed to wear a white or black polo shirt with the school crest on the left breast.

Allowed variationsEdit

Students with unusual body shapes as a result of GSD, MATD or other reasons have considerable leeway in adapting the standard uniform. Phase wears one based on a (tailored) girls' blouse and jacket and boys' pants.[2][3] Techwolf's has a hood/helmet arrangement to help hide his head, gloves and is specially tailored to disguise the body shape differences.[1]


Standard uniforms are available for purchase at the campus store. Some students prefer having them tailor-made, most often by Cecilia Rogers. Rogers' uniforms are of a noticeably higher quality. Some variations she will offer are all-natural fibers (some students, like Fey, have allergy problems) and special high-tech materials that offer extra durability and protection to the wearer.


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