Scrambler (Joanne JackieJayJayJendleschmidt[1][2]) is about 5'4" and weighs around 95 lbs. She has a willowy build, a long, narrow, oval face with a long nose, and pointed chin. She has lavender eyes and pale blond hair. She's a lesbian, and lives in Poe on the same floor as Team Kimba.


Scrambler is an Energizer, who can direct her energy into bursts of incredible speed.[1] She also projects a field of electromagnetic energy that interferes with the operations of electrical and electronic appliances.[1] Mostly her field just causes the appliance to malfunction, but occasionally, it enhances the operation of the device to remarkable levels, or it completely overloads the device causing it to explode.[1]


JJ is a formidable verbal opponent — largely because she can ignore the rules of engagement and get away with it — but is otherwise a mediocre student.


Scrambler is a ditz, who apparently can’t follow normal lines of logic to save her life. And yet, somehow she manages not only to get by, but get over. She just decides what she wants and goes after it, blithely ignoring things like logic, verbal constraints, consequences, the wants and needs of others, and legalities. When confronted with her actions, JJ will barrage her confronter with non-sequitors, illogic, and statements pulled out of thin air. And yet, JJ doesn’t come across as deceitful or manipulative, just ditzy and unaware of the consequences. If you need an example, think Phoebe, Lisa Kudrow’s character on Friends. She dislikes Scramble for having a codename so similar to her own, but an attempt at mediation failed because both of them clung to their illogic until the mediator gave up.[3]


Scrambler has little control over her powers, either the superspeed or the magnetic field.


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