Sean Clark is working on his Graduate Degree in Biophysics, specializing in Mutant biologies. He's working as an intern in the Whateley Powers Testing Labs, under Dr. Hewley and Dr. Shandy, and alongside staffer Hillary Newman.[1]

He's indiscreet concerning Tennyo's lab work when Fey is being tested, and verbally reprimanded and banished from the room.[2]

With Timeless, he's a bit impolitic, discussing excavating crystal samples from his skin; while it would be nice to examine the crystals, digging them out for analysis isn't going to happen.[3]

He's really pleased with all the testing they get to do with Phase:

Sean Clark added excitedly, “This is phenomenal! My major prof told me that three published papers on a single area of concentration would be acceptable as my doctoral dissertation, and this could be Paper Number Three on extra-dimensional density warping! I can’t thank you enough. Really!”[4]

Sean gets drug in to be a victim for the Sirens. He's quite the good sport about it. What am I saying, he's a true Powers Testing Geek![5]


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