Silver Serpent

Silver Serpent by Elaborate

Silver Serpent (Laurel Hua, or Hua Chu Lan) is the daughter of the Iron Dragon. She was raised in a hidden city and trained in secret Chinese techniques for which there is not even a rumor, much less a name in the West. She is at Whateley to, among other things, make contacts.[1]

She is one of the Bad Seeds, and is friends with Jadis. She was in World Literature: Special Topics - The Epic with Phase, and gained his respect for her intelligence and scholarship. She is in Special Topics in Literature: Shakespeare with Phase, as well as her friend and roommate Quyèn Nũ. She is also part of the training team Pan-Asia.

Her powers haven't been described in detail, but she is supposed to be "a major threat for anyone with power armor or metal gadgets."[2]

Meeting with the Bad Seeds, she posits that Team Kimba may be jockeying to supplant the existing power structures on campus.[3]

The Handmaid of the Tao sought her out to deliver a message for her father.[4]

Most recently, she has been tasked by her father with making friends with The Handmaid of the Tao.[5] She knows what the Handmaid is, as an archi-form, not just who the current embodiment is; she is daunted by the task assigned to her.

She has been invited to the Chinese New Year's celebration being hosted by Phase and The Handmaid of The Tao, and is of mixed emotions. It would be a means of having more contact with The Handmaid of The Tao, and thus in line with her father's desires. It would be a means of having more contact with The Handmaid of The Tao, and thus terrifying beyond all reason. Given reports of Ayla's hosting of the Golden Kids, it also might be impressive, and enjoyable, if it were not for it being a means of having more contact with The Handmaid of The Tao...[6]

She's selected to be part of the negotiating team to work out a contract between Jobe and Phase for BIT-tweaking bio-devisory.[6]



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