Skids by Drunkfu

Ellen Anne Tremain, codename Skids, is a Whateley student.


Skids lives for designing fast vehicles and driving them at breakneck speeds. She is always racing some of her creations, to the worry of other students. Her known vehicles include a motorcycle, a powered gyroscopically-stabilized unicycle, an all-terrain power-trike, a very fast two-seat go-kart, some kind of very fast and manoeuverable mini-sports car, a souped-up snowmobile[1] and a specialized ice racer.[2]

There is some reason to suspect Ellen may be a closeted lesbian.[1]


Skids' powers haven't been spelled out, but she's not an Exemplar (she's described as "average-looking"). She's likely a Gadgeteer specializing in vehicles, and Aquerna mentioned that she can "sort of make cars and motor-things change just by thinking about it",[3] so there might be some sort of ESP power at work too. Jobe says her power is "something involving driving or vehicle manipulation."[4]



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