Scott Harrison, code name Skinwalker, possesses people.

Behind him stood a medium height American Indian, with a tracery of strange black designs on his face.
“Thisss isss Ssskinwalker. He’sss not a telepath. He possessesss people. He will have total access to your knowledge, memories, skills. Everything you know, everything you are. He isss not eager to possesss a female, but hasss decided that he needs to do this as a lessson to focusss his powersss. Plansss for the future, I’m told. Perhapsss some other female. In exchange for becoming completely familiar with your body, he will perform a small service for me.
“Don’t worry. You will be awake and aware the entire time. Merely helpless.”[1]


Skinwalker possesses Tansy as payment for a favor she got from Thuban.[1][2][3]

Skinwalker tries to play a prank on Jobe while he's transitioning to become a Drow.[4]

He apparently has some connection with Charles Lodgeman.[5]

He also is one of the people with "wizard backgrounds".[6]


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